June 20, 2013
cannes - winning grand prix for good

winning the grand prix for good in cannes together with the

creatives from bbdo düsseldorf

not so bad

ma and dad will be proud - at least a little

there was no aunt harmed in this production!


June 3, 2013
Doormat at my Pharmacie

Stressed? Without enenrgy? Overburdened?

Very german these questions in front of your own pharmacie.....


March 7, 2013
what a job

March 6, 2013
gagosian new york city exhibition with ed ruscha-book&co

new york city 05032013

gagaosian gallery   opening with ed ruscha

books&co  by mit press

tons of people and 25bankers blink is part of this exhibition

meeting the editors of the book is great and the dinner in the italian restaurant with all the authors very special!

loved it!!!!


January 28, 2013
Breakfast Picture

September 10, 2012
Driving through Belgium

September 30, 2012
low budget sink …

September 3, 2012
Mpumzie Krweqe

… from capetown travels Europe for the first time in his life.

August 31, 2012
Cologne Soccer Club

July 20, 2012
san ignacio in peru

working in sant ingnacio/peru

500km away from la paz

feels very far away from home

the traditional drink is pisco sour and tastes great

we meet fighters crossing a river

if u ever have to hide somewhere - this is the place to go

the last night we sang with don kleber in a karaoke bar - ccoooooool

the have the most beautiful fire works in peru for sure



July 17, 2012

in peru some houses are cock-free!!!


July 16, 2012
driving through peru

we drive through peru to sant ingnacio

the roads are a little more dangerous than home

the bus drivers are not afraid at all


July 21, 2012
School Party in Peru

A little community called San Ignacio in Peru …


February 11, 2012
Berlinale …

I was invited to meet Priyanka Chopra and Sha Ruhk Khan for the premiere of “Don”.


January 31, 2012
Tirupur – Tamil Nadhu – India

We are working for a social project together with C&A in India.


December 9, 2011
Flying over Japan …

… in the middle of the night


December 9, 2011
On the way to Hiroshima from Tokio

November 18, 2011
Working for Mazda in Hiroshima again